Thank You for sharing

Pia is a wonderful teacher! Knowledgeable, educational, helpful; and there is a lovely radiance about her. Her course in yinyoga opened up a path for me to meditation and a new sense of calmness, something I have been in search for but never really found. Also, I am getting to know my body in a totally new way.
— Anna
Every time before attending Pias class I already have expectations on what I might experience in her class. But her classes always exceed even beyond my expectations. After a few minutes into her class I can feel a whole week of tension starting to melt away, and I feel present in my own body. So what is it that Pia does? What is it that I feel makes her exceptional in her teaching? Is it the postures that she guides us into, her way of inviting us into the atmosphere that she creates - or her voice? Personally I feel that it is all of that. Her classes feels like a big celebration to life covering all aspects, the darkness as well as the light. And Pia has a way of making all of us feel seen, unique and lovable just as we are.

When I leave Pias class I am filled with harmony and peace.
— Suzanne
Eventhough I am completely new to yoga, I felt a lot of comfort and warmth in Pias classes. She has a way of guiding us through different positions and alternatives to them, which she does in a way that is soft, respectful and filled with knowledge. It is a fantastic feeling to be able to receive so much during your practise and not feel the pressure to achieve. After attending Pias classes I would feel rejuvenated for a long time afterwards. I also felt that I got some words of wisdom to bring with me on the way.
— Linda
Pias classes in Yinyoga was what took me through the winter. It was a place where I got connected to myself, helping me to find strength and focus. I have been in psychotherapy for many years which has given me a lot in terms of self development. What was fascinating was that Pias classes gave me similar insights but through the body. Pia is extremely present, authentic and professional in her teaching.

Thank you
— Cecilia